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The Challenge

America is at a crossroads.  Never before have multiple generations of Americans – between the ages of 15 to 50 – taken the freedoms guaranteed in our Constitution for granted.  Never before has socialism been so popular among our nation’s youth. And never before have multiple generations been so uninformed about our Constitution, liberty, and the principles upon which our nation was founded. The risk is great.  We are in danger of losing our liberty, perhaps forever, if we do not act now.

The Solution

The Truth and Freedom Foundation (TFF) was created to address this problem.  We began with a vision of engaging these Americans who have fallen into socialism’s trap, sharing the truth about the dangers of socialism, and about how great our system of a Constitutional Republic has been, and could continue to be.”  

We offer truth, encourage unity and work to safeguard our liberties so all people can live up to their individual potential while upholding their dignity.

We engage young people through dynamic events with motivating speakers; by organizing state and local leaders; and, by giving our members the tools to do their own peer-to-peer outreach in their homes and social events.

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How We Do It

How We Do It

The Truth & Freedom Foundation positively engages citizens in constructive debate by providing:

  • An exceptional leadership team
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Educational “Truth Talk” events in homes and small gatherings
  • Large events with motivational leaders
  • A template for building and growing leaders throughout the United States.
  • Effective online resources designed to empower users to discover the truth and share it with their friends.

Our strategic model allows us to replicate success throughout America. It will produce:

  • Citizens empowered with the truth about the benefits of freedom
  • Franchises throughout America equipped with resources and networks to effect positive change
  • The capability to restore the principles of our country’s Founders

TFF is bringing the truth about freedom to the Americans who need it most. We can’t lose generations of Americans to the pitfalls of socialism, because if we do, we ALL lose our liberties forever.